Monday, May 30, 2011

Tokyo Kokeshi Tomo no Kai 東京こけし友の会

It would seem that at a certain point the most natural thing for a serious kokeshi connoisseur to do is join the Tokyo Kokeshi Tomo no Kai (Tokyo Kokeshi Friends Association). Naoko joined the club soon after finding out about it, began receiving the association's journal, and on April 24th attended her first meeting held at an obscure office building in the heart of Tokyo. The goal of the club is fellowship with other kokeshi enthusiasts, disseminating knowledge about the world of kokeshis, meeting kokeshi makers, and acquiring new pieces for one's collection. According to Naoko, the really fun part of the gathering was, of course, getting the chance to buy new kokeshis which could be had at fair prices. In the drawing to determine the order of who would get to go first, second, third and so on, Naoko got a low number and therefore had choice pick among the many dolls available at the front of the room that day. She came home with 13 kokeshis of various types and sizes, including the meeting's commemorative kokeshi, a doll that all attending members received. Another successful kokeshi adventure, right in downtown Tokyo!

The club in session. Lots of kokeshis sitting on the table in the front.

It wouldn't be a kokeshi club without kokeshis!
Naoko's haul that day.
New acquisitions -- all small kokeshis. Note the attitude of the doll on the right.
More new acquisitions. Again, all small kokeshis. 
This was the commemorative kokeshi that all members received. It's about five inches high.
The club's journal, Feb. 2011, issue 601!