Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Shelf for Displaying Kokeshis

At last year's annual National Kokeshi Festival at Naruko Onsen I noticed that the kokeshi craftsmen's displays included some small shelves for displaying interesting pieces. Rather than pack the shelves with kokeshis, they were nicely spaced with just a few per shelf. I found that effect quite appealing and have been wanting to do the same thing in our apartment for quite some time, but wasn't quite sure how best to do it. That is until the other day when I came across a nice wooden shelf kit a the No Brand (無印良品) store. It was about 2,000 yen and couldn't have been easier to install. I put it in the hallway where there's nice lighting, and whenever we feel like it we can put out new kokeshis. As I have explained in previous posts, kokeshis are really quite nice just about anywhere in the house. However, giving them their own shelf makes them more like art objects for study. Right now we have two Yamagata kokeshis on display, but tomorrow there might just be one, or three. Naoko's already talking about getting another shelf for somewhere else in the house, so this is going to be fun. 

Our new shelf with a couple of beautiful Yamagata kokeshis.

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