Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to the Tsugaru Kokeshi Kan 2 津軽こけし館に戻る 2

The Tsugaru Kokeshi Kan has a side room that's filled completely with kokeshi-themed goodies such as crafts and stationary. I'll try to let the photos speak for themselves, but I would like to note that right now during the so-called "third kokeshi boom" 第三こけしブーム kokeshi shapes and faces are inspiring a lot of creativity here in Japan.
Entering the crafts and stationary room. These items are from all over Japan.

These are little notepads.
Kokeshi paper for writing letters.

Yes, this is a plush Hello Kitty kokeshi. Talk about a mix of elements!
Bolts of cloth.
Chopstick holders.

Kokeshi soy sauce.

These folders are popular in Japan. The Kokeshi Kan folks said this, though, "was a failure." Still, I bought one.

More folders.
Kokeshi nail files.

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