Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Kokeshi Shelves 新しいこけし棚

So, how does one display his or her kokeshis? There is no one answer to this question. In an early blog I suggested that kokeshis are suitable for display just about anywhere since they're small, harmless, peaceful looking, and add a nice splash of color wherever they are located. Naoko and I put them all over our apartment, while others display them in dedicated shelves behind glass for maximum protection. Last year I bought a small shelf for kokeshis and I think it has been a good way to highlight one or two kokeshis at a time. Recently I have been thinking more on the idea of having dedicated spaces for kokeshis, and ended up purchasing the two items below that allowed me to put some kokeshis on the wall. While I called them "shelves" in the blog's title, in actuality the square one is really just a small frame that I got at a craft shop for 500 yen. While it really just a picture frame it happens to be the perfect size for a kokeshi or two. I put it up in the kitchen and I think it looks great, and in fact I just bought a second one.

The other new shelf is actually quite fun since it has seven irregular-sized spaces that are just right for smaller kokeshis. I decided to place it in the front entry so when guests come over they will know immediately that they are in a house that appreciates kokeshis. My daughter Lena and I put a variety of kokeshis on display to model the shelf, and I'm sure we'll rotate the others through it from time to time. It cost about $25.

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