Saturday, February 8, 2014

January Kokeshi Friends Meeting 1月のこけし友の会

Last week Naoko returned to Kanda in Tokyo to attend the January Kokeshi Friends meeting. As usual, this was a major event and she returned home with four very nice additions to our collection. Two of the them were "omiyage" kokeshi お土産こけし that came with admission at the door, one was purchased from a visiting craftsman -- Mr. Hasegawa Masashi 長谷川優志さん -- who attended the meeting, and the other Naoko got to choose during the name-drawing portion of the meeting.
The crowd forming in the meeting room before the meeting began.
Kokeshi books and magazines for sale.
Because it was the New Years' meeting things were done a little differently than usual. Most importantly, there was a large selection of new kokeshis rather than the huge selection of used ones that we usually see. Naoko said the room was packed with young Japanese females who are increasingly being bitten by the kokeshi bug, and a good time was had by all.
A nice little Tsugaru kokeshi by Mr. Hasegawa Masashi who was at the meeting selling kokeshis and meeting his fans.
A beautiful, classic Tsugaru by Ms. Okuse Yoko 奥瀬陽子さん. This one was actually used, though it doesn't look like it.
This Hijiori 肘折系こけし by Mr. Suzuki Seiichi 鈴木征一さん was one of the two omiyage kokeshis that Naoko received.
The other omiyage kokeshi was this candle-shaped Naruko 鳴子系こけし by Mr. Izu Toru 伊豆徹さん.
And here they are together for a size comparison. Fantastic.
Four very nice additions to our collection. Hurray!


  1. SO happy I found your blog!! !i love kokeshis as well! cant believe there were so many types! all so beautiful! thank you for sharing your kokeshi adventures along with your family!

    1. Ishtar, thank you for your message. It is my pleasure to spread the word about kokeshis, and I am pleased that you're enjoying the blog.