Friday, October 3, 2014

5-6 Oct 2014 Kokeshi Festivals 週末のこけし祭り

I know it's a bit late, but I did want to announce that there are two major annual kokeshi festivals this weekend (4-5 Oct 2014), so anyone in Tokyo can get there easily by train or car. The first is the Michinoku Kokeshi Festival みちのくこけし祭り at the Nana Beans Building in downtown Yamagata City 山形市. Here's a link, though it's Japanese only (sorry about that). We've been to this event a couple of times and it's excellent. Yamagata is also fantastically beautiful, so go for the kokeshis and Yamagata! I'll of course report on what I see in an upcoming blog.
The other event, which we've never attended because it's always held at the same time as the Michinoku Festival, is the National Traditional Kokeshi Lathe Festival 全国伝統こけしろくろまつり at Togatta Onsen 遠刈田温泉 in Miyagi Prefecture 宮城県. We're going to attend this year, so I'll blog later on how it went. Togatta is another kokeshi hotspot, so it should be excellent. Here's the poster, and here's a link for further info (Japanese only).

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