Tuesday, July 21, 2015

More Kokeshi Videos at Tetotetote 手とてとテウェブサイトのこけしビデオ

Last November I reported that the folks at the Sendai-based Tetotetote 手とてとテ web site had come out with a beautiful video on Naruko kokeshi maker Mr. Okazaki Yasuo 岡崎靖男さん. Tetotetote is committed to supporting and promoting traditional handicrafts from the Tohoku region, including traditional kokeshis, and as such there are a number of interesting articles about kokeshis and kokeshi enthusiasts on the Japanese-language side. I just came across two more videos: The first one shows Togatta kokeshi 遠刈田系こけし craftsman Mr. Sato Yasuhiro 佐藤康弘さん starting with a raw log and turning it into a finished kokeshi -- amazing. The other is a bit more impressionistic, but it's also quite beautiful and highly recommended. Click here to view both of the videos, plus the one of Mr. Okazaki (the Sato and Okazaki videos can be found just below the main video).
There's also a page on the Tetotetote site from February 2015 about a special limited-edition kokeshi set produced by Sendai-based Togatta kokeshi craftsman 79-year old Mr. Ogasawara Yoshio 小笠原義雄さん whom we visited at his workshop a couple years ago. He has created 50 sets of twelve kokeshis, each one 12 centimeters tall and representing a different flower. I find the modern packaging to be especially interesting, and the project is very impressive. The price? Oh, just 32,400 yen. Yes, kokeshis can sometimes be a bit pricey, but they are worth it.
Although I am emphasizing Tetotetote's work on kokeshis, the pages on other traditional handicrafts from Tohoku are also very interesting and most definitely worth your time!

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