Monday, September 14, 2015

2014 Rokuro Festival 2 2014 ろくろまつり 2

Continuing with the October 2014 Rokuro [Lathe] Festival ろくろまつり held in the Miyagi-Zao Kokeshi Kan parking lot, we parked and jumped out of the car to see what was going on. I didn't know who was going to be there (though Naoko might have), and I was happy to find that there were a number of craftsmen whom we have visited and gotten to know over the years: Ms. Honma Naoko 本間直子さん from Aomori, Mr. Hiraga Teruyuki 平賀輝幸さん from Sakunami, and Mr. Shida Kikuhiro 志田菊広さん of far western Yamagata. When we arrived there wasn't a huge selection of kokeshis compared to what we saw the previous day at the Michinoku Festival, so I think sales had been brisk on the first day. That said, there were still plenty of kokeshis available, and we of course added a few more pieces to our collection before the day was over.  
Looking at the venue. Kokeshis on the left, food on the right.
Mr. Shida chatting with Naoko and the girls.
The Rokuro, or Lathe Festival lived up to its name with a working lathe on which the craftsmen were giving demonstrations. They were also painting kokeshis, so for those who aren't able to get to the often rural homes of the kokeshi makers this was a good chance to see a variety of craftsmen at work. For instance there was a group of tourists from France while we were there, so they had picked the right place to not just buy kokeshis and meet lots of craftsmen, but also to see how they are made.
The following photos are an overview of what we saw at the event, and it was excellent. Enjoy!
Naoko and the girls taking with Mr. Hiraga.
Mr. Hiraga's kokeshis.
The mascot of the Togatta -Zao Kokeshi Kan , Zao-sama, was also seen at the event.
Some of those kokeshis are actually tiny Zao-sama kokeshis.
Rare Iwate kokeshis by Mr. Susumago Morizo.
Ms. Honma Naoko's Tsugaru kokeshis.
So that's what the Rokuro Festival looks like, and I hope we're able to get back to see it in the next few years. This year is going to be the 26th and 27th of September, so if you're in Japan or will be visiting go up to Miyagi Prefecture and spend the day at this important annual kokeshi event. In the next blog I'll take a look at the Miyagi-Zao Kokeshi Kan.


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