Saturday, April 27, 2013

New Kokeshis 新しいこけし

A couple of weeks ago Naoko, the girls and I took my parents who were visiting from America up to Naruko Onsen for a kokeshi adventure. We had a great two days and saw lots of kokeshis that I hope to talk about in some upcoming blogs. Meanwhile, I thought I'd start off by showing a couple of new kokeshis that we found at the Kakizawa family kokeshi shop on the mountain above the Naruko Onsen village. I think you will agree that these three little guys by Mr. Kakizawa Yoshinobu are really innovative and amazingly cute.
Here we see one of Yoshinobu's "child" kokeshis that's looking up rather than straight ahead. It's about 8 centimeters, and is absolutely beautiful with its cherry blossom pattern and dropping petals. The other two are obviously tiny and wonderfully crafted.
Here's a close up of the two small ones. Yes, those are acorn caps on their heads. According to Yoshinobu his son suggested this idea, and he crafted the kokeshis so they could wear these little hats. Naoko fell in love with them immediately.
Here's another view of the child kokeshi. This is genius. We have one more of this style that we got at another time.

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