Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Kokeshi 春のこけし

Seasonal kokeshis are rare, but we happen to have one by Naruko kokeshi 鳴子系こけし craftsman Mr. Kakizawa Yoshinobu 柿澤是伸さん. It's still very much a traditional kokeshi, but with a nice spring theme. Naoko recently put this one out for individual display, so I thought I'd share it. From what I've seen the young generation of kokeshi craftsmen tend to branch off in creative directions like this. A really beautiful piece!  

Yoshinobu is good with faces. Note the slight hint of blush on the cheeks. The type of wood is darker -- maybe maple, or pear?
Individually painted flowers as instead of stripes. The base is purple with a very pleasant gradation.
Also interesting is the back which has leafs instead of flowers. I can imagine that this piece took more time than usual to create.
Another shot of the head. The pattern on the head gives away that it's a Naruko kokeshi.

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