Sunday, June 9, 2013

Desert Kokeshi 4 砂漠のこけし 4

The environment in the Arabian Desert is extremely harsh. Not only is the sun relentlessly beating down, but it's also surprisingly windy here. On some days the conditions are just right for the dust to be picked up off the ground and get suspended in the air, and then you have a dust storm. We had one here for the last two days and it was quite fascinating, though everything, including my room, became covered with a layer of very fine dust that blew through my air conditioner. Anyway, I took my Togatta kokeshi 遠刈田こけし outside during the end of the storm for some photos. I found a small sand dune (yes, there is sand here, but not as much as one would think), and you can also see the dust in the air in the second photo.
A small sand dune.
You can see the dust in the air in the background. It was actually much worse earlier in the day, with no blue sky at all.

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