Monday, August 19, 2013

Desert Kokeshi 11 砂漠のこけし11

The highway going into Doha.
On August 15th I brought the Togatta kokeshi along for a ride into Doha that started with dinner at a wonderful Middle Eastern (Lebanese?) restaurant called Kebab King, followed by a visit to a carpet shop. It was a really great trip! Here's a couple of photos going to the restaurant -- truly delicious food. I'll show the carpet shop in the next entry.
A building along the way.

The appetizer was scrumptious flat bread with hummus and other  nice things to eat with the bread.
Right behind the kokeshi is one of two huge plates of grilled meats (beef, chicken, and lamb) which was enough for five men.  The total cost of the meal, including bottles of water and a drink, was $17 US,  or about 1,300 yen. 
Next door to Kabab King was a bakery, so I got a pack of sweets (left), and a bag of Middle Eastern bread. The bag of bread was 1 Riyal, or 30 cents (25 yen)!

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