Monday, August 12, 2013

Japanese Kokeshi Web Sites 日本語のこけしウエブサイト

In case you have not yet done a web search in Japanese for "kokeshi" こけし here are some links to some interesting web sites (many of which I've hyperlinked in the past). Most are Japanese only, but a few have some English. There's an amazing kokeshi world out there on line, so click on the names below and then the links within each site, take a look at the pictures, and enjoy!

Tokyo Friends of Kokeshis Association
Miyagi Traditional Kokeshi Dolls Association (English available)
Aoba Kokeshi Association

Naruko Kokeshi Museum
Tsugaru Kokeshi Kan
Zao Kokeshi Kan
Nishida Kinen Kan (Tsuchiyu, Fukushima Prefecture)
Miyagi-Zao Kokeshi Kan

Traditional Kokeshi Makers:
Iwashita Kokeshi (Naruko style)
Hiraga Kokeshi (Sakunami style)
Yajiro Kokeshi Village (Yajiro style)
Ganguan Kokeshi Shop (Sakunami style)
Naruko Onsen (Naruko style)
Tsuchiyu Onsen

Modern Kokeshi Makers:
Usaburo Kokeshi
Japan Kokeshi Craft Association

Shops and Events:
Kokeshi Pop (a bit outdated, but a nice site)
Shimanuki (Rakuten -- something like Amazon)
Shimanuki (same company as above, but kokeshis and other traditional crafts from Miyagi Prefecture)
My First Kokeshi
Zao Kokeshi Onsen
Kokeshi Tea Shop (Akiruno City, Tokyo)

Kokeshi Books and Publications:
Kokeshi Book
Kokeshi Jidai

Blogs (my translations of the titles):
Kokeshis and Me
Kokeshi Bokko
Kokeshi Biyo
Kokeshi 1,001 Nights
Tsugaru Kokeshi Kan


  1. Thank you so much for this wealth of information! I've really enjoyed your blog; I've read it in its entirety over the past week. I appreciate your enthusiasm, especially for the individual makers who keep this folk art alive.

    1. Kathryn,
      Thank you kindly for your message, and I'm happy to hear that you are enjoying the blog. Knowing that people such as yourself are reading it always spurs me on to keep it going!
      And yes, in many respects it's really about the kokeshi makers who have devoted their lives to this wonderful craft. There is definitely a symbiotic relationship between the enthusiasts and the makers that I'm not sure exists in many other artistic traditions.

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