Saturday, September 27, 2014

2014 National Kokeshi Festival part 5 2014 全国こけし祭り 5

After visiting the National Kokeshi Museum (see previous blog) we returned to the main festival venue. By that time things had calmed down somewhat and I was able to take pictures of everything.
There were a couple of these kokeshis wandering around the venue floor. We'll see more of them in an upcoming blog entry.
A view of the venue floor.
Another view.
Darumas and tops for sale.
These tenugui 手ぬぐい had the design of each Naruko kokeshi craftsmen currently making kokeshis. One fellow enthusiast purchased every one -- there were about 20 different kinds.
Some mini kokeshis by Mr. Mito for sale.
Various Yajiro kokeshis 弥次郎系こけし for sale.
Takobozu kokeshis たこ坊主こけし.
Naruko kokeshis.
Another part of the festival is getting to see the award-winning kokeshis for the year, and all of them were beautiful. They were displayed on the stage, so here's a sample of what we got to see. Sorry for not transliterating the names and awards, but actually the kokeshis speak for themselves!

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