Saturday, September 27, 2014

2014 National Kokeshi Festival part 6 2014 全国こけし祭り 6

The other special display area consisted of kokeshis that many craftsmen had submitted for the award competition, but that didn't win. These kokeshis were all fantastic, so it must have been extremely difficult for the judges to make their decision. Oh yes, these kokeshis were for sale, and from what I could tell almost all of them had been purchased early on the first day. Here are some photos of what I saw.
I believe this collection were the kokeshis that had been on display in the Shinto shrine during the opening ceremony.
Adding to the fun were a number of mascot characters strolling around the venue floor. I like these things, and of course everybody wanted to get in a picture with them.
And again, there were the human-sized paper-mache kokeshis too!

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