Thursday, October 13, 2016

NHK Kokeshi Show On Line NHKこけし番組オンライン

Before I get back to the kokeshis that Naoko found this summer, I wanted to alert readers of this blog that NHK World has posted a fantastic 30-minute travel show called "J-Trip Plan" about visiting Naruko Onsen 鳴子温泉 in Miyagi Prefecture. I have often discussed Naruko and its amazing kokeshi culture, and J-Trip Plan presents it very nicely. Please click here to go to the NHK World site where you can see the program in its entirety. During the first ten minutes or so the announcers discuss hydrangea viewing in Kamakura during the rainy season (also interesting), but the rest of the show is devoted to Naruko, including a stop at the National Kokeshi Museum, a bath in an onsen (hot bath), kokeshi making, and buying kokeshis and kokeshi-themed gifts. Of course after you watch this program you will need to fly to Japan and see this place in person. Here are a couple of screen captures from the show which I hope will wet your appetite for a fantastic future kokeshi adventure!

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