Monday, October 17, 2016

Togatta Kokeshi Event in Sugamo 巣鴨で遠刈田系伝統こけし製作実演

A few posts ago I stated with absolute certainty that Naoko only made it to one kokeshi event during her Japan trip this summer. Well, I had forgotten about the other kokeshi event that she went to; a big Togatta kokeshi 遠刈田系こけし event held at the Koganji Temple in the Sugamo section of downtown Tokyo from 1-5 July 2016. Naoko and our daughter Emily went on 2 July and had a great time. By the way Koganji holds two annual kokeshi events (July and November), so if you're going to be in Tokyo in the future please check to see if something is happening there.
The entrance to the Sugamo shopping street.
Below is the first set of photos from that event, and as you can see it was pretty awesome -- lots of kokeshis and guests in a beautiful venue in a fun part of the city. Naoko got our two new wooden Daruma dolls at this event (discussed in a previous blog), plus an ejiko kokeshi by Ogasawara Yoshio and a unique half branch, half kokeshi (if I could describe it that way) by Sato Masahiro. I'll discuss these new purchases in a couple of upcoming blog entries.
Event poster.
The entrance into the venue -- pretty obvious that it's a kokeshi event.
Giant kokeshi lanterns. I love these things!
The event was obviously well attended.

More to come!

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