Saturday, January 4, 2014

Interesting "Traditional" Kokeshis 面白い「伝統」こけし

Over the last couple of years Naoko has collected some cute, oddly shaped "kokeshis" called himedaruma 姫だるま from various traditional craftsmen.  They are definitely creative, and show yet again the amazing variety of possible kokeshi shapes.
This fantastic Togatta 遠刈田系 himedaruma is by Mr. Ogasawara Yoshio 小笠原義雄さん of Sendai City. Seemingly a mere kokeshi head, it is actually a toy that wobbles but will not tip over.
Another wobbling Togatta by Mr. Ogasawara.
Here's a bottom view -- hollowed and properly weighted.
A beautiful little Tsugaru 津軽系 piece by Ms. Honma Naoko 本間直子さん of Aomori Prefecture 青森県.
Another Honma piece.
Signatures on the bottoms of the above two Honma kokeshis.
This tiny piece of art is a Naruko 鳴子系 by Mr. Kakizawa Yoshinobu 柿澤是伸さん.
Bottom view of the Kakizawa.
A Naruko by Mrs. Hayasaka Setsu 早坂せつさん.
Here's the bottom view and signature.
Two Naruko beauties by Mr. Onuma Hideaki 大沼秀顕さん. Note the very slight color diference.
Bottom view of the Onumas.
A mushroom-shaped Naruko by Mr. Matsuda Tadao 松田忠雄さん. Really creative! 

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