Saturday, January 4, 2014

Tokyo Kokeshi Friends Display 東京こけし友の会の展示

The event poster.
On the way to the Yamagata Kokeshi Festival last October we stopped at the Kamei Museum in Sendai to hear a lecture on the early history of kokeshis (upcoming blog). The museum's ongoing kokeshi exhibition, it turned out, was rare and special kokeshis from the collections of members of the Tokyo Kokeshi Friends Association 東京こけし友の会 in order to mark the club's 60th anniversary. It was really great, and there were many older, unique kokeshis on display.

The other part of the exhibition were all of the mini kokeshis that have been given out during the monthly meetings that I occasionally report on in this blog. There have been hundreds over the decades, as you'll see in the photos below.

The Tokyo Kokeshi Friends also displayed a collection of vintage membership cards, as well as a chronology of the association's history. I've posted a photo of the chronology below, but it's in Japanese only so pull out your dictionary!
Vintage membership cards.
60 years of the Tokyo Kokeshi Friends’ history.

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